Noa, 13, Israel
Participant of the English Summer Camp DAS Akademie

“The camp was an amazing experience and l’ll really miss you all!!”


Jianping Liu, mother of Yuchong
Won the DAS Summer Camp Competition 2016

“DAS Summer camp was a great experience and memory for my 11-year old son Yuchong. Very luckily, we got the information about the camp from the German teacher in Stockholm. Both of my kids were born and grew up in Berlin. When we moved to Stockholm 5 years ago, Yuchong was six and half years old. After living in Sweden for 5 years, he has been losing his German ability as he does not really use German. Then it was a great opportunity to know this DAS camp and to send Yuchong for it for two weeks, to improve his German and to have a happy time with some new friends from all over the world. I would say he really had a great time at DAS camp in the area where he was born and the program was organized in a very good way, with very responsible teachers. The most lucky thing for us was that we had the lucky draw and thus got a free place for Yuchong, which saved me quite some money!! I am thinking about to send him and his younger sister to DAS camp in the near future. DAS international summer camp reserves my high recommendation to the kids and parents.”


Janine B.
English teacher from England

“DAS Akademie summer camp was awesome! I was teaching English on the camp to a mixture of students from different nationalities. We had so much fun learning, playing games and singing songs. The summer camp had so much to offer; there were many different kinds of sports and activities for everyone to join in. The trips to Berlin were educational and exciting. The mixture of cultures in the camp made it interesting and we all learned a lot whilst making new friends. There were a lot of tears at the end! I would highly recommend this wonderful experience.”


Swetlana, mother of Alex, 14, Russia
Participant of the English Summer Camp DAS Akademie

“This was such an exciting experience for Alex and I am happy that we have done a right choice with DAS Academy! Alex was absolutely happy and enjoyed it very much.We spent 1 day in Berlin after I collected him and he was showing me Berlin like this was during his excursions. He was sad and remembered his friends who he was missing already.He says hi to everyone in the camp and sends his love!”



Boris, 12, Russia
Took part in our International Summer Camp twice

“To say that everything was great is to say almost nothing. I am ready to scream for everyone to hear me and at the same time keep silence, it was not just an ordinary camp. It was one big family! From the moment I have just arrived I have felt that they were waiting for me! Classes were interesting and various! We were studying language each minute – not only in the classes, but also on the way to the excursion, during cycling , at the party time. As a result a have received a high mark on the final test! I am delighted!
Teachers are very skillful and talented! It was very pleasant and interesting to communicate with them! It can not be noticed that they love children and want to foster us! They were always nearby and ready to help I will never forget it and plan to come to the camp soon!
Very picturesque territory! Lake, forest. During hot summer time it was great to swim and sunbathe! And football – in the evenings! My favourte football! We were all supporting German team! All together and happy!
During this two weeks we have visited a lot of interestng places: sightseeing tour to Berlin,planetarium, Zoo and lots more! All these excursions were included in the main  camp fee. But the most important thing is that I have found a lot of new friends and understood that all chilren from different countries are the same! Even though we speak on different languages we have all met here – in Germany and German language have united all of us! And we were all in the safe and caring hands of our teachers! Thank you all!”


Axel Brans, father of Sebastian, 14, Argentina
Participant of DAS Akademie’s German Summer Camp

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and praise the DAS Akademie staff. Sebastian was delighted when he came back from Berlin. He said that the summer camp was the highlight of his 6-week stay in Europe. You can count on Sebastian joining you again next year. Best wishes from Buenos Aires!”


Karni, 12, Israel
Took part in an English camp for the very first time

“Savanna, I’m trying to write but I’m not very good in this, so…
When I came to the camp I cried a lot and I didn’t know what was I going to do. But when I saw you l was happy! You encouraged me and helped me stop missing my parents so much and you helped me stop crying. I knew it is going to be fun with you, you are amazing and I’m so happy for the opportunity to learn with you. It is so hard for me to say all this in a letter cause I don’t know how to say all the words in English but you have always made me relax and calm!!
Thank you for everything you did.
You have been the best teacher I had in all my life, and you have been so much more than a teacher and I cherish that. You are the best! Please stay in touch my phone is: +xxxxxxxxxxxx (redacted for privacy protection) Love you so much! And I’m going to miss you so!!! And I truly mean every-word
You were fantastic!”


Svetlana P., mother of Anna, 14, Russia
Participant of the International German Summer Camp DAS Akademie

“I would like to thank the great and friendly team of DAS Academie for the excellent organized recreation and training for our teens!
Anna came home with such enthusiastic responses and could not hold back the tears that her journey was over, and all that was in the camp will not happen again!
Anna told me that it was a very useful trip for language practice and communication in real-world situations to fill the gaps in the German language, as in this year she has been studying English more to prepare for exams. Now she wants to come to you for a more complete and rich experience in the DAS Academie directly in Berlin on a language course for one month next year.
Anna made friends with people from different countries, they are very fond of each other and now they are always connected through social media and want to come to visit each other to meet again.
Thank you for making the world better and children happier!
So help you God!
P.S.: Anna sends you greetings and thanks for the interesting conversation and a warm welcome!”