At DAS Winter Camp, students have full access to visit different places during the program. The winter camp trips and activities include Speikboden- a skiing mounting in the Alps, having a look at the real Iceman, exploring the capital of Alps 鈥 Innsbruck and a joyful memorable trip in Munich to finish the camp!

Ahrntal (Valle Aurina) and Speikboden

Ahrntal is located on the Southern side of the Zillertal Alps. It is one of the most beautiful valleys in South Tyrol, with some eighty mountain peaks above 3000 metres. This makes for a dramatic landscape and excellent skiing territory. The Speikboden ski field will be our snowy playground for five days. There are 20 kilometres of ski slopes in total (2km blue, 12 km red, 6 km black), and seven ski lifts ensure that everyone arrives at the top of the mountain safe and sound.

Bolzano and “脰tzi” 鈥 the “Iceman”

german in bolzano

Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol, is located in the Southern part of the Alps. At the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, we will pay a visit to 脰tzi 鈥 the Iceman. 脰tzi lived some 5400 years ago. His body was found frozen in a glacier in 1991. What was initially thought to be the dead body of a missing hiker turned out to be one of the world鈥檚 most important and unique archaeological finds. Because 脰tzi鈥檚 clothes and equipment had survived the ages largely intact. Following on, we will have time to marvel at Bolzano鈥檚 sights and to go shopping.


Innsbruck, also known as the 鈥淐apital of the Alps鈥, is the regional capital of Tyrol in Austria. The city has been a three-time host to the winter Olympics and is home to many historical attractions. In Innsbruck we have time for sightseeing and shopping before continuing on to Munich.



Munich is the capital of the German federal state of Bavaria. With a population of 1.35 million, it is Germany鈥檚 third largest city. Munich is known the world over for its beer, the Oktoberfest and 鈥淲ei脽w眉rste mit Brez鈥檔鈥 (white sausages and pretzel). Here we will have time to visit some of the city鈥檚 best-loved sights, such as the German History Museum or BMW World. There will also be time for some last-minute souvenir shopping. No DAS Language Camp would be complete without a proper farewell party! Our last night in Munich is dedicated to a fantastic farewell celebration, where we will dance, sing and laugh together. Of course, every participant will receive their Certificate of Participation. So come join us and enjoy all of DAS Winter Camp trips and activities!