DAS Winter Camp is聽tailored聽to the specific needs of young learners, in accordance with the most recent research findings from the areas of language pedagogy and experiential education. Our Motto聽鈥淓rst lachen, dann machen!鈥澛(lit. 鈥淔irst you laugh, then you act.鈥) underpins everything we do. Because no matter which language you study: If it isn’t fun, you won’t learn!

Of course, grammar is important. But what use is knowing grammar inside out when you can’t apply what you know in conversation? Therefore, our credo is:

Talk Talk Talk.

During DAS Winter Camp, students will receive a total of 20 teaching units of聽German lessons. Our聽DAS Specials聽allow students to聽experience聽and聽discover聽the聽language through a series of pedagogically designed聽games,聽music,聽theatre聽and German activities. During the more formal lessons, we use age-specific teaching materials to train all four aspects of the language:聽reading,聽writing,聽listening聽comprehension and speaking. All lessons are designed and coordinated with DAS Winter Camp鈥檚 leisure activities program:聽We experience that which we learn; and we learn that which we experience.