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Welcome to DAS Language Camps – your gateway to language camps, study trips, educational tours and international summer schools.

Are you a language teacher who would like give your students a chance to experience German or English language outside of the classroom? Are you seeking for a different kind of school trip? Or you have planned your trip to Berlin and organized a leisure program, but are looking for the right school to provide language classes for your students? Our program is as unique as your students at DAS Language Camp. 

Who we are

We are DAS Akademie, Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen (German Academy of Languages). Languages and the promotion of intercultural communication are our passion. Our motto „Erst lachen, dann machen!“ (lit. „First laugh, then do!“) is at the center of everything we do. 

Founded in 1994, DAS Akademie today is a world leading education initiative in the GSL (German as a Second Language) and ESL (English as a Second Language) Industry. 

DAS Akademie started teaching German as a foreign language to young students and adults. Since then, we trained more than 20000 students of all ages and walks of life, and from more than 60 nations. Along the way, we have developed a method that makes learners speak inspired by the way in which babies learn their mother tongue. No desks, no stress, but open spaces and smiling faces.  

DAS Language Camps were designed as an opportunity for children and young people to learn German and English in a more open and practical context. Our online learning platform MintiCity provides schools worldwide with digital teaching material.  

We have been organizing language camps for children and young people as well as school/study trips and educational tours for all age groups for more than fifteen years.

DAS Language Camps

DAS Language Camp is a part of our language teaching program. The camps define themselves as school trips and educational tours for all age of groups to learn German and English language outside the classroom. We have been organizing language camps for more than fifteen years and innovating constantly. 

DAS Language Camp is a two-week program combining learning languages with leisure activities. DAS program is tailored to the specific needs of young learners. The classes are structured in accordance with the most recent research findings from the areas of language pedagogy and experiential education. Students have opportunities to do sports and undertake other activities, such as visiting the most attractive touristic spots of Berlin. During the more formal lessons, we use varied and age-specific teaching materials to train all four aspects of the language: readingwriting, listening comprehension and speaking. The program creates an international, friendly and open atmosphere so that your students get the most out of their stay.

We experience what we learn; and we learn what we experience

DAS Language Camp takes place in both summer and winter time. During summer, we offer DAS Summer Camp mixing language lessons with summer sports and excursions to Berlin. During the winter, DAS Winter Camp combines language lesson with skiing and excursions to South Tyrol and Munich.  

We hope you enjoy your visit to DAS Language Camp – and we look forward to welcoming you at one of our camps, tours or seminars in the near future!