We are glad to answer any questions you may have about the camp and below are common camp FAQs

1. Who will pick up my child from the airport/train station?

If you cannot drop off your child at the camp yourself, we will be glad to pick them up from one of the airports or train stations in Berlin. When you register, please provide detailed information regarding the place and time of their arrival/departure, the flight number, the name of the airline your child is traveling with, and the name of the airport/train station in Berlin. One of DAS Akademie’s friendly staff will meet your child at the airport/station. Similarly, we can accompany your child back to the airport or train station upon the camp’s conclusion.

Please note that fees apply for this service: 130,-€ per student for one-way service.

2. When to arrive/leave?

We ask participants to arrive at the campsite on Saturday, 20 July 2019, between 12pm and 6pm, and to be picked up from the camp site on Saturday, 3 August 2019 by 4pm.

If your child needs to arrive one day early or leave one day late, an additional charge of 90,- EUR / night applies.

3. What kind of food will be provided?

Each country has different eating habits. At our camp, we serve typical German cuisine. There will be a rich buffet for breakfast, and a warm meal for lunch and dinner. We provide a packed lunch for the day-trips to Berlin. Outside of meal times, students may purchase beverages, snacks and sweets.

If your child is a vegetarian, does not eat pork or has any food allergies or other dietary requirements, please inform us at time of registration. Alternatives can be served for all meals.

4. How can I stay in touch with my child during the camp? Is there Internet access/WiFi?

Modern technology enables us to be connected any time, anywhere. We understand that you will miss your child, and that you would like to stay in touch with them while they’re away at camp. For pedagogical reasons, however, they should not spend the whole time at camp on their cell phones. This is why we limit access to the Internet during DAS Summer Camp Berlin. Students will be able to purchase four (4) hours of WiFi access per week.

Of course you’ll be able to phone them at any time – mobile/cell phone reception is available almost throughout the entire campsite. We would like to encourage you, however, to allow your child to develop their skills for independent living while they are with us, and limit your contact with them to a minimum. They’ll be all the more excited and have all the more to tell you when they return home! 🙂

Naturally, you’ll be given emergency contact details of the main DAS staff and of the Jugenddorf. We’ll also try to upload some photos and short videos from the camp to our Facebook page as we go along.

5. What are the rules at DAS Summer Camp?

  • Each age group has fixed bed time hours.
  • Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited!
  • Participation during lessons is compulsory.
  • In case of illness, a DAS Akademie team member should promptly be notified, in order to ensure adequate medical care.
  • Please indicate a contact person in case there is an emergency.

6. At what time are classes?

Teaching usually begins after breakfast or after lunch. The program may vary at times depending on the camp schedule.

7. What are the language lessons like?

All teachers at DAS Akademie are native speakers. Students are placed in appropriate classes based on their language skills, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (levels A1 to C1). A class consists of a maximum of 15 participants – this ensures effective learning. We emphasise communicative and immersive teaching, which means that students practice the language while having fun, without any fear or inhibitions.

8. How do we find the right class for my child?

DAS Akademie teaches in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference, ranging from A1 and A2 (for beginners) to levels B1 and B2 (intermediate) to level C1 (advanced). Students will take an assessment test at the beginning of the camp. We then assign students to a class based on their age and language level.

9. Is there an exam?

At the end of DAS Summer Camp Berlin, there will be a final exam. The test is considered passed if 50 percent of the tasks are completed successfully. On successful completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Participation from DAS Akademie.

10. How much pocket money should I give my child?

The fee for DAS Summer Camp Berlin includes full board, and all excursions and recreational activities organised by DAS Akademie. The students themselves must pay any additional expenses. We recommend, according to age and interests, between 150,- EUR and  400,- EUR pocket money for your child. Of course, the actual amount is left to your discretion.

11. Where can students store valuables?

Generally, we advise you not to have your child bring valuables, if possible. However valuable items can be given to a member of DAS Akademie staff for safekeeping. Passports must be handed in for safety upon arrival at the camp, and will be returned to participants before departure. Please do not bring laptops.

12. What happens in case of illness?

In case of serious illness, students will be brought directly to a doctor or hospital. Please inform us of your child’s blood type, and whether they have any allergies or need to have medication regularly administered.

Please contact us if you have any further questions: [email protected]